Homemade Paper Pots

greenhouse photo one

Each year I try some new adventure. The only way to learn is to try something. In my greenhouse, one could find lots of experiments! This spring, one of those experiments has been making paper pots. It's my first time trying paper pots, so mine look like I need practice! I've tried egg cartons (much too small), saving trays my neighbors buy flowers in (but of course these have to be sterilized) and purchasing little plugs (that swell up with water . . . nifty and fast but they do cost money). Newspaper pots are biodegradable (thicker you make them, the slower this process will happen I'm guessing) and organic (isn't most newsprint ink made with a soy base now?).

I'm inventive, right? I don't need a tool to make little paper pots! In fact, youtube is full of people showing you how to make your own out of glasses, soup cans, milk cartons . . .

Whether to save me $20 or just to impress me, my husband crafted a little wooden pot-maker for me. It's rough, but does the job. I don't know if it's much faster than other methods, but it presses the paper bottom nicely.

greenhouse photo one

My Concerns about Newspaper Pots

Along with my new paper pots I have some concerns. What happens when newspaper stays wet? I like to water my baby plants from the bottom up to ward off damping off or fungi growing on the surface of the soil. What if the papers all disintegrate into one and my flat becomes a mass of dirt with lots of little tiny plants?! It's not the end of the world, I mean, I'm sure I can still scoop out baby plants and plant them,... but I am concerned about the stability of the individual paper pots! I'm also a bit concerned by what might grow on the newspaper once it stays wet. Yikes! Is there something that I'll be adding to my soil that I don't want added to my soil? Avoiding surface mold and bacterial-encouraging environments is kind of important for baby plants!

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