Greenhouse Tips and Ideas

Whether you are just starting a greenhouse or have had one for a while, we've put together some ideas that might inspire you in your endeavors. Some ideas work great and some ideas don't work for everyone. We'd love to hear some from you.

Local Connections: Finding people in your area who also have greenhouses can be not only fun but a great way to learn techniques and tips that work for your specific area. Most hobby greenhouse owners love to talk about their greenhouses. My local connection is Seeds of Hope Eureka. Every year Seeds of Hope donates over 800 pounds of produce to the local food bank.

No-cost Containers: People often enjoy saving a variety of containers for you if you ask them; visit the local senior center and you might be pleasantly surprized. Yogurt or butter containers seem to make great little planters, just add as many or as few holes as you want. A local school might allow you to set up a container for milk cartons. And, of course, you can always make your own. Check out our Homemade Paper Pots link.

Auto Temperature Controls: It may cost several dollars, but to maintain a more consistent temperature in your greenhouse, it's hard to beat automatic windows or fans. Some are even solar powered, so no need for electricity.

Greenhouse Journaling: Keeping track of when to start plants is beneficial and a journal can also help with rotating crops, an essential part of maintaining soil over the duration of your greenhouse. And... I hear there is an app for this!

Wet-Dry Areas: Most greenhouses are designed to water easily but it's also a good idea to have a "dry area" where you could keep things that would never get wet.

Solar Power Options A greenhouse has plenty of sun and heat; exploring solar power options for air flow or automatic procedures is a great way to maximize the potential and make your greenhouse easier to maintain.

Hanging containers. One way to add some design and character to your greenhouse is to create a way to hang containers. This adds options to what you can grow and saves space as well as creating unique design opportunities.

Photo Charts. Using dated photographs to compare different stages of growth each year can give you ideas about not only when to plant but how to use shade cloth or conveniently place heaters in the fall.

Companion Plants It can be great fun to mix vegetables and flowers in your greenhouse. Veggie growers may find this attracts helpful insects for those plants that need pollinated.

Winter Reading Lists. Most people don't maintain their greenhouse all winter, and those winter months can be a great time to catch up on reading --reading about news ideas for your greenhouse! If you haven't checked out a book called Greenhouse Gardener's Companion, Revised: Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace, it's a great read.

I might have to build a page just on great winter reading for the greenhouse!

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